I want to change!! Oh!! May be not!!

Ashokk N Menon
November 14, 2023

I am paralysed!

I’m on the hook to deliver some huge outcomes...

Yet, driving those outcomes requires some huge changes.

And so many of the stakeholders really don’t want change.

They want novelty.

Are negotiated contract.

A new {system/tool}.

Novelty is a shiny new object. Everybody’s workday stays the same.

Everyone wins!

But real change?

The kind that brings big, lasting benefits?

That’s hard.

Often drastic.

It can bring worry.



It’s hard work.

And it’s easy to think the shot callers will never go for it.

I’m always asking myself:

"What if it’s the wrong move?

What if the CEO hates it?

What if I’m wasting my time?

Driving those big outcomes starts seeming too risky.

But no matter how long I spend in paralysis-by-analysis...

Costs are still rising, the business is still bleeding, and customers are still threatening to leave.

So don’t be afraid to hit “send” on that bold proposal to your CEO.

Because change is coming either way.

Make it on your terms!

About the Author
Ashokk N Menon

For more than 20 years, Ashok has led procurement both in industry and as a consultant. In executing over 100 projects for global brands, he discovered a passion for developing the talents of people early in their procurement careers and unlocking significant benefits for companies and executives