Increase throughput by as much as 3x.

Choose the flexible option that is right for you.

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Minimum Viable Procurement

A lean, agile approach focused on getting you measurable value, fast.

Custom solutions to capacity, capability, and budget challenges so you can meet your goals with or without a team.


Agile SMB

End-to-end strategy and execution support designed for small to mid-size businesses.

Expert insights and practical implementation to help you hit your targets.



Support your team with temporary and contract services.

Project-based support to help you implement, activate, and optimise your procurement function.



Get the know-how and tools to work smarter and to carry out future optimisations in-house.

High-impact on-demand, real-time coaching to elevate the procurement knowledge of SMB owners, executives, and teams.


Your personal procurement advisor.

Sometimes you don’t need an ongoing retainer – just someone you can call for advice. We’re here for you. Schedule a call and ask about our one-off strategy sessions.
Technology driven
Flexible payments
Agile acceleration
Plug and play
Practitioner driven
Proven frameworks

Pay for outcomes, not hours.

We’re turning the traditional, time-based consultant contract on its head.

Why spend 12 months on a project that could be done in 6? Or 6 months on something that can be done in 2?

Why hire and build a big team, when you don't really need one?

When you work with That Procurement Project, your contract will be bound by the outcome we promise – not the time it takes to get you there.
"Supported in implementing Strategic Sourcing for the busines unit. The knowledge & grasp of the techniques deployed helped the company gain huge savings"

- GM Procurement Global FMCG
"He has done an amazing job, making sense of what was deemed messy and un-addressable. We have been trying to do this for years"

- GM Procurement ASX 200
"We have seen a big improvement in the way my category manager has progressed, part of that has been the starting point where you guys coached him and gave him the courage to take the next step to challenge suppliers and stakeholders …"

- GM Procurement Public Sector

A new approach to procurement

The global business model is changing, and it’s time for the procurement function to catch up.

We use an agile approach to deliver each customer the flexibility and sustainable ROI they need.

We’re not hung up on long-term engagements and chasing perfection. We deliver fast, effective outcomes by asking the right questions and solving the right problems.
Gain clarity, reduce inefficiency, and increase profitability.
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Bespoke product or service solution designed to bootstrap the client out of a problem



Focused Strategy and Execution backed by performance based fee models


Procurement On Call

On Call solution that provide support, execution and advice on a fractional basis


Practitioner Insights

Enabling the Practitioner to derive deep insight and accelerate value delivery utilising pre- defined and custom outputs


Rapid Insights

Quick Starter Entry Level Products, Provides high level insights based on pre- defined outputs