Data Cleaning
November 11, 2023
The Challenge

A client needed a baseline developed for their MRO category which consisted of various consumables and services that are procured by their team. Unfortunately, all purchase orders are raised as free text orders and often, did not have the details of the items procured. Suppliers also ensured lack of visibility to protect their pricing and instructed the sites to raise purchase orders with their invoice numbers as free text to track the payment of invoices and also to ensure lack of visibility of the items supplied and related pricing. The client organisation could not track and develop the underlying skus and build them into the master data as the transactions were managed by the sites and no controls were in place to ensure proper management of master data

The Solution
  • Our approach was to build as detailed a baseline to enable sourcing activity.
  • We utilized their spend cube to build a profile of suppliers within the MRO category.
  • Matched the Purchase orders to invoices that had been paid to the suppliers and built a1st level baseline, while we built this, we also parallelly issued a request for information to the suppliers
  • For suppliers that responded to the request for information, we mapped exact part codes, materials and services
  • For suppliers that did not respond to the request for information, we used OEM partdata bases to develop the profile and estimated spend and details based on validated assumptions
The Outcome
  • A clean baseline was developed for 60% of the spend through mapping the invoices to the purchase order data
  • The balance was estimated through supplier RFI responses and estimations.
  • The client utilized the data for the sourcingevent and delivered 15% in cost savings and this data served as the basis fordeveloping the online catalogs